TOBESOFT, enters into US Market

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Tobesoft ceo

CEO Of TOBESOFT Co.Ltd.[/caption]

TOBESOFT will establish NEXAWEB, a new incorporation, in US by investing 5 million dollars. It is expected to give ToBesoft an opportunity of expanding overseas network and creating business foundation in global software market.

US incorporation is a form of affiliated company of which TOBESOFT has 100 percent stake.

NEXAWEB, INC is the second local affiliated company of TOBESOFT after its Japanese incorporation. Entering the US market, the company hopes to dominate the market of HTML5, a next generation web standard technology, and development tool associated with mobile smart works.

Also, based on XPLATFORM, UI/UX development platform, and a lineup of various multi products, the company will expand the foreign market and lay the groundwork to become a global software company.

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