Samsung's New Strategy, Free Smart TV App


Samsung Electronics is to provide third-party developers with 70% of profits from Smart TV application, which is a follow-up of free Smart TV app. There is much attention if this project will boost a development of current Smart TV app which is lack of Revenue model

Etnews reported that Samsumg plans to start this step in US market first and will expand target extend after monitoring the response from US market.

The essential of the project is to distribute the profit made during customers use applications in the proportion of 7 to 3 between Samsung and suppliers of the contents. The profit will be made mainly from advertisements. For example, when the customers click a specific app, the advertisements show up before the execution. So does 'In app'.

Until now, major profit of Smart TV app development companies has been made mainly from sales of charged apps but use of the apps was not that active because it was uncomfortable for the customers to buy the apps. As Samsung starts free apps, there is much attention how much it can attract the customers

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