"Samsung SCloud will be showed as early as this year"


It is expected that SCloud of Samsung Electronics will be showed as early as within this year.

According to Digital Times, Samsung Electronics has prepared SCloud since 2011 in order to compete with Apple's iCloud. Samsung is planning to perform an enhancement project of SCloud from August to late November.

SCloud is a service that helps customers to download contents such as movies, pictures, and music in a cloud computing environment into smart phone and tablet or to enjoy them by streaming.

Samsung is hiring developers of SW and strengthening the cooperation with Amazon, the no.1 cloud computing service company in the world, to develop SCloud.

First of all, Samsung SDS, a subsidiary of samsung, is extensively employing the engineers of Cloud and Bigdata for building the technology of SCloud.

Samsung's MSC((Mobile Solution Center) division is utilizing the service of Amazon Cloud, and it is also predictable for SCloud to be constructed under the service of Amazon.

Overall consulting about SCloud is centralized in OpentideKorea. This company invited professionals in headquarters of Amazon and shared various opinions about SCloud early this month.

The company participated in Samsung's global ERP project as a subsidiary of Samsung SDS. In terms of the service of SCloud, Samsung said to be preparing Scloud within the company.

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