Gruter, Developed 'Tajo', a Big Data Analysis Processing Engine


Gruter, a leading Big data platform company in S.Korea, has thrown its hat into the global ring of big data analysis processing engine.

'Tajo' is the name of the project. With it, Gruter is competing with the well-known global companies of Big data platform such as Cloudera, Horteonworks, and MapR.

Big data analysis processing engine is for IA(Interactive Analysis) on Hadoop by overcoming the various limitations of MapReduce of Hadoop which has been powering Hive and Pig. It is also known as ‘SQL on Hadoop’.

Its strength is to enable users to process their large volume of data faster and get results of their interest with much lower latency. Thus, Hadoop has received high praise to play a important role to strengthen its standing in enterprise market.

Until now this field has been dominated by global companies based in US.
Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR have been leading IA market and, what’s more, Pivotal which is an EMC’s subsidiary company, also has joined this field.

Gruter is focusing on faster processing speed supporting standard SQL using the most advanced data processing technologies available in the world today. According to Gruter, Tajo can process the data up to hundreds times faster than Hive and can be an even stronger alternative to the existing commercial Data Warehouse systems.

Gruter started to prepare development of IA in 2012 and undertook full scale of developing operation in June this year.

Last March, Apache Foundation selected Tajo as an incubator project, which received attention in the field.

Recently, Dr. Hyunsik Choi, a member of project management committee in Apache foundation, also joined Gruter right after graduating from university. Also, some of the other Gruter engineers have been playing active roles as Tajo committers collaborating globally with other committers based in US.

Based on this, Gruter has set this year's milestones with the goal to take Tajo to the enterprise level.

Gruter CEO Youngkil Kwon said "As one of core technologies of Big data platform in next generation, SQL on Hadoop will soon open new possibilities that offer much better performance, enhanced scalability and far greater cost-effectiveness, bringing the big opportunities and huge impact to the DW market."

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